Hired or Fired: The Dew’s Violent Goat

Goats are having a moment. From the Doritos Super Bowl commercial to the Taylor Swift screaming goat video (Bon Jovi’s even in there at 1:53), the goat has been the media’s animal of choice.

Mountain Dew jumped on the trend with a video directed by Tyler Haly (a.k.a. Tyler, The Creator) of a violent, talking goat voiced by Tyler himself.

Hilarious? Disturbing?

Let’s take a step back. Tyler Haly is the front man of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (commonly referred to as Odd Future), a rap group from L.A. that made it big a couple of years ago. As suggested by their name, their typical subject matter is controversial at best. To elucidate the wolf gang style, in an interview with Spin, Tyler compared himself to the wreck on the side of a highway that every other car is trying to get a peak at.

Mountain Dew has an open and quirky brand personality (remember their prohibition ad in response to Bloomberg’s soda ban proposal?)…But do you think the goat ad went too far? Odd Future is trendy, edgy and funny, which certainly may contribute to the Mountain Dew story.

Tyler recently tweeted:


(So they’re letting him do another one!)

What do you think about Mountain Dew’s violent goat? Should Tyler, the Creator be Hired or Fired?