What’s My Story?

I’m Leemor, a New York native currently finding my way through Baltimore as a Johns Hopkins University senior. I’ve always understood that everyone and everything has a story, but as I grew older that understanding morphed into fascination. If I didn’t know the stories, then I wrote them. Once I came to Johns Hopkins as a Writing Seminars major, I quickly became hooked on the marketing courses. During a lecture one Tuesday afternoon, my marketing professor, who was explaining branding, looked at the class and said, “Everything has a story,” and I thought, yes, exactly.

It was then that I realized that brand storytelling is essentially the marriage of my major and my minor. The questions of brand storytelling—“how do we resonate with customers?” “What’s our brand’s purpose?” “Are we connecting with our audience?”—are identical to the questions of writing –“ how do we resonate with readers?” “What’s our story’s purpose?” “Are we connecting with our readers?”

My research into brand storytelling has led me to create this blog. Here, I hope to offer a fresh, young perspective on the different ways that brands tell their stories. I would like for my posts to provide engaging material to make you (and myself) look twice, and, if I’m lucky, maybe even a third time.