Grey Poupon: The Classy Condiment

High-class. Sophisticated. Exclusive. All words we use when describing the Oscars, Meryl Streep and Grey Poupon mustard.

Wait, what?

For years, Grey Poupon has marketed itself as “one of life’s finer pleasures.” In 1981, its famous “Pardon Me” advertisements garnered a lot of attention.

More clips can be found here and here. The movie “Wayne’s World” even parodied the commercial.

Omar Kattan of Brand Stories spoke about the way in which Grey Poupon has “masterfully carried their storyline into the digital age.” He praises their “Spread Good Taste” campaign, which included one of the first ever endeavors where a company actually turned away Facebook fans. To qualify to “like” their page, fans had to fill out an application to become a member of “The Society Of Good Taste” and have their profiles screened (points were taken away for bad grammar).

Recently, the Krafts Foods brand premiered the revival of their legendary “Pardon Me” ad at the Oscars as “The Lost Footage.” “It’s the classiest award show of the year, so it’s very in line with the brand,” said Sara Braun who heads Grey Poupon at Kraft Foods. The new commercial puts an action-packed spin on the old one, complete with a car chase and a champagne revolver.

Leaked footage of the video was released before the premiere for buzz and anticipation. The brand continues the orchestration of their exclusive brand story with a storm of tweets before, during, and after the awards show.

What do you think? Is Grey Poupon the classiest condiment to date?

2 thoughts on “Grey Poupon: The Classy Condiment

  1. I dont see why class is something Grey Poupon is pushing on a condiment. When I am choosing between Hunts and Heinz, its not the class that Im looking for. And when I go over to Sterlings on 29th, Im not worried about what kind of mustard they used. When I want to eat classy, I go out to a restaurant and let the chef choose the best mustard with the meal.

    When youre trying to move packages in an inelastic market, especially with todays climate, selling class is like selling waste. Branding your product as classy might suggest that its a luxury people can afford to pass up on these days, if Heinz mustard is cheaper.

    Also, I am all about class, but when I got a driver in the front seat, I dont need to make my own sandwiches in the car no more. Weird ad.

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